Writing an article summary in apa style

Retrieved from eMarketer database. Macintosh users can also produce the following limited set of symbols by use of shift, option and command keys: If a DOI has been assigned to the article that you are using, you should include this after the page numbers for the article.

These words should be justified left inside the header. Don't forget to include the Andrews University cover page and a photocopy of the article you summarized.

Use double quotation marks " for speech and verbatim quotations. Bureau of Transportation Statistics Department of Transportation Retrieved March 13,from Morningstar Investment Research database.

Note the lack of periods in acronyms and the lack of apostrophes in their plurals: Cooperative supply chain management: Write a one-page summary of the author's main idea and supporting points. Figure out the structure of the article.

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Reference List The APA requires a reference page, rather than a works cited page, for listing the sources you used for your summary. Never use parentheses within parentheses: I provide his list, but I'd go on to discuss the points in a bit more detail.

Writing a Summary Paper in APA Style

Energy consumption by mode of transportation: Retrieved from MergentArchives database. The title of the article is in sentence-case, meaning only the first word and proper nouns in the title are capitalized. You can use a shortened version of your title if the official title is longer than 50 characters.

Making the grade in today's schools. If you wrote a clear cut case, you would imply a cut case that was clear. For example, items on the 5-point scale ranged from not at all to always.

Media mix report, annual, [Data]. Advertising Age [Publication profile]. As in the body of your paper, the header on this page will contain the page number justified right and the title of your paper in all capital letters justified left.

Put the title of a paper, book, or journal in italics in the body of the text. Writing Center Don't forget that it's always a good idea to get someone from the Writing Center to have a look at your summary to make any suggestions they may have for revision.

Complete a "References" page.While the APA provides clear-cut instructions for citing standard publication types, some business resources have unique elements that make it necessary for us to make an interpretation of the APA rules.

Some of the examples provided on this guide are adaptations made by the Bentley Library's reference librarians for the Bentley University community. Guidelines for writing an article summary documenting journal articles in American Psychological Association (APA) style. Guidelines (from Academic Writing, 2nd edition) Find an article dealing with the nurse-patient relationship.

Document your summary in APA style. See below. A summary is a short version of an original text. The summary's purpose is to condense information with the most important ideas in a book or an article.

A literature review is a specific type of summary following the American Psychological Association style, requiring specific document formatting. APA style dictates that authors are named last name followed by initials; publication year goes between parentheses, followed by a period.

The title of the article is in sentence-case, meaning only the first word and proper nouns in the title are capitalized. Punctuation Hyphenation Italics andBold Fonts andSymbols Abbreviationsand Acronyms Headings,Paragraph Styles, and Lists Numbers andStatistics Tables Figures Use ofWords Grammar Flow ofIdeas Style for CitedPublications References.

In this article I provide guidelines for writing in scientific style, starting with the detail of punctuation and working up through to the whole document. Tips on Summarizing In academic writing, there are a few things to keep in mind when summarizing outside sources: Use your own words; Include the key relevant elements of the original and keep it brief - you're just going for the original's essence Summary in Paper (APA) Polivy and Herman () noted that we still do not know how or why.

Writing an article summary in apa style
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