Writing a good battle scene

Comment within 2 weeks; winners must live in the US to writing a good battle scene the book by mail. What you can do to help yourself to better describe what is happening over a period of time is to make yourself a small table top simulation of the battlefield.

Are there buildings, castles, or other structures? Sebastien is excited to give away a free copy of his novel to a random commenter. There are a few exceptions. All submissions must contain enough information to start discussion on reddit. Hovering around the fight describing the actions of both characters sets a limitation on how gripping the experience can be.

Posts tangentially related to writing are more likely to be removed at moderator discretion. And those troops need food, water, and all kinds of other things like weapons, clothing, first aid -and the list goes on and on.

I don't need to say "young soldier" because I already state afterwards that he's under Your map should show prominent landmarks that you might use in your descriptions. Make your fights into a conversation spoken with actions in which the real conflict is happening in the hearts of the characters and in which the reader themselves are helping to tell the story.

Your map should show prominent landmarks that you might use in your descriptions. Abusive, Threatening, or Harassing Comments 5 Please report any rule-breaking posts, as well as abusive comments or harassment. Complicated scenes with various elements of the battle moving here and there can be confusing and difficult to understand.

Guest Column August 29, A battle scene in a novel can be a very powerful and important element that, if done correctly, will define your protagonist—which is why we all need novel writing advice on how to adequately accomplish write one.

Rather, it should make you even more creative when you sit down to write your battle. Remember, you are painting a picture with words, so make the painting as simple as possible while you develop your story. Let the reader choreograph the action If you describe every action of the fight, not only will you bore the reader but your pacing and flow will fall apart.

The key is to thrust the reader into the thick of the actionand to do that they need to experience the fight through a character.

What is the end result they need from the battle? So think of your job not so much as having to meticulously choreograph the fight but rather to give the reader enough insight into the action that they can build the scene in their minds.

And one of the key components of this kind of novel is the big battle where forces of good and evil typically meet, often at the climax of the story.

Warring families, grudge matches, vengeance missions, and separated lovers, on the other hand, imbue a battle scene with emotional resonance.

Think of it this way: Someone pushed him again. This also lets you vary the length of your fight scenes, which helps to keep them from becoming predictable. In summary, a fantasy battle on a large scale is a complex organism that moves in a lot of different ways and you, as the author, need to keep all the information straight in your mind so you can convey it clearly to your reader.

There are a few exceptions.

How To Write An Epic Battle Scene

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Remember, you are painting a picture with words, so make the painting as simple as possible while you develop your story. If the wizard casts that terrible spell would he also die? What does the outcome of the battle mean to them?Here’s How To Write A Damn Good Fight Scene.

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Tweet +1. So i have attempted to use this guide to write my first battle scene i will actually use in a story if its ok i would love abit of feedback. 14 thoughts on “ 5 Essential Tips for Writing Killer Fight Scenes ” bradenwriting May 21, at am.

Great insights. I’m writing a first draft and got stuck on the logistics of a fight scene and this article really helped me pin down what I wanted to get across in it and how to make it work.

5 Essential Tips for Writing Killer Fight Scenes

Take that novel (or any other novel you can find that is recommended for good battle scenes), a pen, and a highlighter, and analyze - like you were in school - how those scenes are constructed. Whenever someone brings up action writing, Steakley is always the first person I think of.

Here are some techniques for creating powerful, exciting, realistic battle scenes. 1.

Novel Writing Advice: How to Write Battle Scenes

Set the point of view. The biggest challenge in writing a battle scene is the point of view. May 06,  · Hi guys, Just wondering if you had any tips on how to write a good (fantasy) battle scene. I've picked up quite a few from reading, research and talking to like-minded others.

A good method for keeping track of the scene as you write it is to draw a map showing the various sides of the battle before, during, at the end of your scene. Your map can have more information in it than you might need, but you can choose how much detail you actually need later.

Writing a good battle scene
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