Review of related literature of cyberbullying

Macklem describes these group dynamics as follows: Examples include school staff awareness training and school-wide student sensitization to the problem of bullying. Two world-renowned Harvard child psychiatrists Dr. These leaders may influence their peers who are seeking acceptance to stand up to bullies or include marginalized youth.

Additionally, there are sidebar ads on each page advertising books of all genres. An unfortunate consequence of porn addiction is desensitization and tolerance, requiring increased intensity of stimuli to satiate craving, including prostitution and sexual depravity children, sexual violenceKlein Approximately 10, Canadian youth reported their screen time, or time spent with a television, computer, or video game, as well as their participation in risky behaviors such as smoking, drug use, and non-use of condoms.

The rise of online impulsivity: Creates fear of certain areas of school such as lunchroom. Adolescent health and harassment based on discriminatory bias. Health study intervention lowered obesity rate in youth at high diabetes risk.

Children have killed each other and committed suicide after cyberbullying incidents. Results demonstrate that more frequent viewing of pornography is associated with a higher incidence of hooking up and a higher number of unique hook up partners.

Varies The ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Educational Assistance Program is a grant covering tuition, fees, books and supplies for dependents and eligible spouses of Alabama police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. Research shows increasing time spent outdoors may be a simple strategy by which to reduce the risk of developing myopia and its progression in children and adolescents.

Adolescents who expose themselves to greater amounts of video game violence were more hostile, reported getting into arguments with teachers more frequently, were more likely to be involved in physical fights, and performed more poorly in school Gentile et.

Results show that those suffering from Internet addiction showed increased levels of trait impulsivity which were comparable to those of patients diagnosed with pathological gambling. In addition to monitoring, these programs also encourage and teach students to play an active role in changing relationships and group dynamics.

Additionally, to the extent that these programs effectively recruit socially influential youth from a broad section of the student body, the possibility of retributions or reprisals are greatly diminished. Studies have shown an association between ASD and increased screen time exposure in infancy.

Dr Larry Rosen, American professor of psychology reports that our obsession with technology is causing an epidemic of psychological disorders, with social networking related to narcissism, and texting to obsessive compulsive disorder and ADHD Naish, As a result of the growing neuroscientific evidence, the American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAM formally expanded their definition of addiction in to include both behaviors and substances: Adequate counseling and support services for students.

By grade eight, two times as many boys as girls reported victims deserved being bullied. At the same time, a meta-analysis of drug prevention programs conducted by Tobler showed that school-based bystander interventions can be quite effective in reducing substance use and abuse among youth.

Bullying statistics

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Cyberbullying mainly differs from traditional bullying in the reach of the offenders. Cyberbullies are able to extend the bullying beyond the school grounds and follow targets into their homes (Patchin & Hinduja, ).Cyberbullying is an umbrella term related to similar constructs such as online bullying, electronic bullying, and Internet harassment.

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Literature Review

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Review of related literature of cyberbullying
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