Portal vs website

Corporate portals also offer customers and employees self-service opportunities. Is there any difference between the Portal standalone release and the Orange Box Portal? What is the difference between a portal and a directory?

A Web portal again can be personal, as Yahoo! Fill out the forms online. Most can allow internal and external access to specific corporate information using secure authentication or single sign-on. However, these days, most Web sites do not want to be mere start pages; they want to keep you on their Web site for as long as possible, and not take you to other Web sites.

Along the same lines, industry-specific news and information portals have appeared, such as the clinical trials-specific portal.

It is also capable of integrating and supporting a specific application type like e-commerce support, business intelligence or application service provider application. Web portals are also known simply as portals.

The web page will normally be written as or rendered as an HTML document. Now you want to expand your website with lots of related web-pages pertaining to, say, business, corporate, employees, etc. For early Web browsers permitting HTML frameset and iframe elements, diverse information could be presented without violating the browser same-source security policy relied upon to prevent a variety of cross-site security breaches.

What is a portal website? If you're confused about ecommerce or looking for a one stop payment processing and merchant account solution, check out Payleap. A web site is a destination in itself. Informational website can have info about Math, Science, anything.

What is the difference between hepatic portal vein and hepatic vein? What is the difference between a website and a webpage? A web portal is a customized website that immerses information from a wide array of sources in a consistent and uniformed manner.

Difference Between Webportal and Website

It is capable of presenting information based on the user. Some of them are: A Web portal can be many other things. Another good difference forum is come with lot of pages more than k pages even where site have few pages.

Web portal

Eliminates the need to visit many different sites. Some of them are: Static vs Dynamic Website A static website is composed of web pages the content of which remains constant until a developer wishes to alter.

Government and federal portals. A dynamic website changes depending on user input. In the phase of the Internet, many Web sites aspired to be portals, because they believed it would mean users would use them as their "start page" and visit frequently, even if they eventually left to visit other Web sites.

Automotive Training Institute ATI has been helping thousands of automotive repair shop owners increase their profits, reduce stress, and grow their businesses into the companies of their dreams. In this regard they have remained true to the original goals of the earlier corporate Web portals.

For users, it provides ease of navigation, and for enterprises it provides significant cost savings, improved productivity and a way to establish a long-lasting relationship with users. Java Specification Request JSR standards allow the interoperability of portlets across different portal platforms.

By that definition a web portal is in fact also a website. A Web Portal is basically a gateway to the internet, it is not onlya website but from here you can search web or more.

What is the difference between a portal and a homepage?

Web portal

Receive tender documents online. Whats the difference between a personal website and a informational website?Sometimes the terms “website” and “portal” are used interchangeably, and this usage isn’t entirely inaccurate but do you really know the difference between website vs portal?

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Portal vs website
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