Leadership in the movie thirteen days

In most instances, these discrepancies are simply the result of squeezing into a two-hour film a day crisis that had major turns more than once every half-hour.

Leadership analysis of President Kennedy President Kennedy since the start of the movie showed a brave, focused and proactive leadership character. They announce that the U.

The invasion was an unmitigated disaster for the U. This is a guest post by Kent Sanders. In the meantime, the U.

The final decisions belonged to him, and he had to be sure of all of the ramifications.

Kennedy had no reason to suppose that the erection of the Berlin Wall in had diminished the desperate eagerness of the East German Communist regime to add these West Berliners to its imprisoned population.

And besides, once his aides started panicking and arguing, the President again calmly tells them to remain focused on the situation.

Moreover, there was a funny part of the movie where it is shown that JFK was scared of cancelling his visit to Chicago perhaps because his supporters are mostly from this state.

Anything that weakened the credibility of this threat could have forced the U. The invasion was poorly planned and quickly crushed. Off the shores of Cuba, the Soviet ships turn back from the quarantine lines. He had also successfully shared his beliefs i. It accurately reproduces some of the restrained but anguished debate from the secret tapes, and it intersperses extraordinarily realistic footage of Soviet missile sites being hurriedly readied in jungle clearings, of American U-2s swooping over them, and of bombers, carrier aircraft, and U.

The Soviet Union sends mixed messages in response.

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Thirteen Days is not a substitute for history. Compressing Thirteen Days into minutes necessitates distortion of many specific historical facts.

There are other legitimate questions about some of the filmmaking choices. And they tried to argue Kennedy out of his decision to postpone direct military action and announce a blockade so that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev could have time to consider peacefully withdrawing the nuclear missiles he had secretly and deceptively introduced into Cuba.

President Kennedy pledged that the U.

Thirteen Days – A classic movie illustrating leadership concepts

For years now, movies have either trivialized the office The American President, Dick, and Wag the Dog or represented it as a weak institution surrounded by sinister centers of secret power JFK. Of course any President does or should.

Donaldson focuses the film right where it should be - in the White House and in conference rooms, giving us only the subplot of Kenny O'Donnell's family life.

The quality of the decision making and the quality of the decision process significantly increased in this film. But two aspects of the movie grossly distort reality.

A nuclear showdown appears to be almost inevitable. Thirteen Days has no scenes in Havana or Moscow. The movie skews many small points and a few large ones. He had ignored warnings from some that the plan was flawed. In the end, Stevenson proved immensely valuable to the U. Russia had lived with hostile enemies on its borders for centuries.

Khrushchev had already decided to remove the missiles; he was just waiting for the right time. The one and only safeguard for West Berliners was the U. In terms of portraying historical personages and analyzing how the crisis was resolved, we needed to isolate the character traits that got people into this situation and ultimately helped them get out of it.

It was therefore impossible for any U.

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As shown in the film, while on the one hand preparing for war if it had to come, President Kennedy always chose actions that would not lead to war. In while the U. Just what were U. The film manages to convey, better than any documentary or previous dramatization, the mounting risk of global catastrophe.

Constitution, that is a decision to be made by civilian leaders because the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is the President of the U. When the Russians ignore the blockade and try to run it, things quickly go from bad to worse. These were all served by the solution crafted by President Kennedy.

And as soon as the campaign was over, the President heads back to Washington to take care of the affairs again. JFK showed effective participative leadership behaviours by involving the cabinet, the military leaders, and the Executive Committee ExComm in the decision making process.Aug 03,  · Leadership in the Movie Thirteen Days Essay Movie Review: Thirteen Days April 20, Summary The movie Thirteen Days is based off of the real life situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred back in Apr 25,  · MOVIE ANALYSIS “Thirteen Days” by.

Antony Gumi. The “Thirteen Days” movie describes how the 35 th president of United States of America (USA), John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis during the period of OctoberIt shows how JFK’s leadership saved the world from having World War III (WWIII), or worse, Nuclear War.

kitaharayukio-arioso.com, the ultimate source for everything movies, is your destination for new movie trailers, reviews, photos, times, tickets + more!Stay in the know with the latest movie news and cast interviews at kitaharayukio-arioso.com Top 5 leadership movies: Thirteen Days August 31, By Dave Leave a Comment When I first watched Thirteen Days, I was shocked how close the Cuban Missile Crisis brought us to armageddon.

Oct 18,  · Rationale for Using the Movie: Thirteen Days captures the tension that the crisis provoked and provides an example of how foreign policy was made in the last half of the 20th century. It enables students to understand the importance of diplomacy and leadership in high office.

Top 5 leadership movies: Thirteen Days

Movie Review: Thirteen Days April 20, Summary The movie Thirteen Days is based off of the real life situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred back in

Leadership in the movie thirteen days
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