Ap world history continuity and change essay questions

We reviewed what was the essence of a continuity and change over time with the example of Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The graphic encourages them to recognize the theme, time period, and region addressed in the essay question. In addition, the facts must be correct and within the chronological boundaries of the question.

Once you have finished reading and have made short notes of all of the documents, reread the question. Let us help students prepare to answer big questions about the nature of change and continuity over long periods of time. The "right" sort of question students should ask is what kind of patterns do they see from analyzing the timelines.

A Few Big Hints Draw a timeline to help conceptualize the era and events you will talk about. By looking carefully at the timelines, students should notice the times of crisis and the times when few major changes happened. An early AP World History question thus asked about changes in international trade relations, to present, in several regions pick two.

This process is called historiography—the skills and strategies historians use to analyze and interpret historical evidence to reach a conclusion. Use visual and graphic information in documents that are not text-based.

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Change usually receives additional stimuli over long stretches of time. Moreover, the organizer emphasizes the key transition points between the major events to help students analyze the causes of change in the period.

In addition, a good response should utilize the content of at least six documents to support an argument based on the question. Black and White - to - Color Film style: Thus, when writing an effective essay on the AP World History exam, you must be able to write a strong, clearly developed thesis and supply a substantial amount of relevant evidence to support your thesis.

APWH Change and Continuity Essay

Use the generous margins for notes that will help you group the documents together and discuss their points of view. The students also could explain that the spread of Islam beyond the Arabian Peninsula to Spain and Eastern Europe, West Africa, and South Asia did not change every cultural, economic, and political feature in those regions.

However, once the world realized the massive genocide of Jews that took place during WWII, support for the establishment of Israel began to grow.

Discuss "global context" - connect to world processes and change. Male dominance was consistent throughout the period and women were expected to obey their fathers, husbands and eventually sons in both China and India Increased trade created a class that valued poperty and did not value most women's contributions thus women's rights were limited and in India and China women were unable to inherit land or have legal standing in court Women's roles in India were even more severe as rural communities had an expectation of 'sati' which is a practice where widows are expected to join their husband on his funeral pyre while he is cremated, this further shows the devaluing of women as they are to be discarded if there is not a male who will provide for them.

It should also relate the topic of the question to broader historical events, developments, or processes that occur before, during, or after the time frame of the question.

Addresses all parts of the question. If you have not yet finished reading and organizing your essays, take a few more minutes to finish up.

Helping students improve their capacities here, ideally in ways they can ultimately take beyond the classroom to activities in work and citizenship, is a crucial assignment, even beyond the cherished ability to deal with documents. In the documents booklet, mark off documents that you use so that you do not forget to mention them.

Change relatively rarely proceeds smoothly; there are interruptions, even back eddies. Write an essay that: Instead, I encourage my students to imagine that the outside force causes ripples in the water that spread throughout the region in larger or smaller ways.

Below are some notes gathered during a session your notes may not be exactly the same but these help to illustrate the point. You are providing the historical context for a change or continuity.

Then there is the teaser approach common, I think, particularly in treatments of the early modern period: In the second place, dealing with change over time, and its associated challenges including attendant continuity, is the central analytical task of historians: It means the opposite of the word change.


Provides specific examples of evidence relevant to the topic of the prompt. You must have at least five facts related to changes and continuities to earn 2 of the core 7 points. Moreover, if the ripples hit the edge of the region, they may even return in a wavelike fashion.

If the document is a speech, the missing evidence could be the perception of those listening to the speech. Obviously, the nature of the source should guide you in how you analyze the document.AP WORLD HISTORY Continuity and Change Over Time Essays A CCOT question is similar to a comparative one, the key difference being instead of comparing between two places during the same time, one is comparing between two.

For example, the continuity and change-over-time question on the AP World History Exam* asked students: Describe and analyze the cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam on ONE of the following regions between CE and CE (West Africa, South Asia, or Europe).

AP WORLD HISTORY Continuity and Change Over Time Essays A CCOT question is similar to a comparative one, the key difference being instead of comparing between two places during the same time, one is comparing between two times, often in the same place.

AP WORLD HISTORY Continuity and Change Over Time Essays A CCOT question is similar to a comparative one, 15 questions on Unit 2, and 5 questions on Unit 1) and 2 free response essay questions (1 Comparative FRQ and 1 CCOT FRQ).

The MCQ section will count for 50% of the grade and the FRQ section will count for 50%. AP® WORLD HISTORY Modified Essay Questions for Exam Practice This document provides modifications of the AP World History Comparative and Continuity and Change-Over-Time (CCOT) essay questions.

Section II of the AP World History exam is divided into two parts: the document-based question (DBQ) and the long-essay question. The first part of Section II is the document-based question (DBQ). This essay asks you to think like a historian; it will ask a specific question and present 4.

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Ap world history continuity and change essay questions
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